About me

I am an independent researcher and consultant in computer security and systems engineering and I work as a freelancer in the field of engineering solution for IT.

I am the founder and leader of the HiTech Studio project, a conglomerate founded as a free community, made up of experts in IT industry whose job it is to offer advanced services and engineering solutions for the computer.
I work as ICT consultant (server solutions, virtualization environments, security and forensic analysis). I primarily deal with platforms i386, amd64, ia64 and mips.

I am a developer for the Italian Debian GNU/Linux HowTo focusing my attention to the Security Hardening project. I also supervise papers on Debian Root RAID Software and NetBSDGNU/Hurd ports.

Together with some colleagues of mine I proposed the establishing of the Osservatorio Partenopeo sull’OpenSource (March 2011), whose task is to supervise the migration to open source software in the PA of my city (Naples).

I am a wiki editor and conferences speaker of the cultural association NaLUG – Naples Linux Users Group – for which I was secretary in the biennium 2009-2011 and with which I have organized several events in order to promote the growth of digital underground knowledge; among the above mentioned conferences we have organized several Linux Day events (seven editions to now), where I used to be at the help desk. I usually participated as speaker: my talks dealing with the following topics: Forensic Analysis (2009), Forensic Analysis – real cases (2010), Understanding Linux: 20 years of kernel history and technique (2011), Digital Forensics – methods of analysis (2011), Security && Hacking Engineering – attack and defense with open source tools (2012), Data Hiding – methodologies and open source tools (2013), Programma il futuro: una scelta open source (2014), Linux Security Hardening – overview on the general principles for the reduction of attack surfaces (2015)

I also held talks at some conferences organized by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II, my talks dealing with: Kernel Linux – light tips && tricks – (April 2012); The complexity of malware: structural analysis and development environments – (May 2014).

Since August 2012 I am a member of the ICTTF – International Cyber Threat Task Force.

Since August 2014 I am IT Infrastructure Engineer and IT Security Manager of Programma il Futuro (Project of the Ministry of the Italian Republic for Education, University and Research and the National Inter-University Consortium for Computer Science).

Since April 2015 I am Sailfish OS early adopter and since September 2015 I am Digital Supporter @ Digital Champions Association(*).

Since March 2016 lent to the cloud computing with the goal of making it a better place (as AWS SysOps Administrator).

Since January 2017, “Infrastructure as Code” Engineer as vocation.

(*) Ambassador of innovation, a position established by the European Union



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